weekly 5 a side football with Burnley FC In The Community

First CYAG Session Announced

THE very first Colne Youth Action Group (CYAG) session is being held just after Easter on 7th April at 5 p.m. on King George V Playing Field’s MUGA, Skipton Road, Colne.

The CYAG Team will be handing out application forms to join CYAG at this session, which is FREE.

Burnley FC in the Community is hosting this first session. The Burnley FC in the Community Team is going to offer weekly sessions at King George V Playing Fields on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. and these will continue to be free to access.

Lewis Hickey (pictured left) and Lee Adams (pictured centre) are hoping these multi sports sessions will prove so popular that they will outgrow the MUGA and become a Playing Fields Takeover!

Margaret Foxley (pictured right), a CYAG Founder, said: “Many thanks to Colne Town Council for allowing us to use its MUGA for our action-packed sessions.”

CYAG Charity has a membership model like that of the Blackburn Youth Zone. If young people want to access the full range of activities CYAG and its partners are offering, initially outdoors, and then indoors, when Covid restrictions are lifted, they must join CYAG.  The CYAG application form requires details of parents and their children for their own safety.  All the data collected will be stored securely and confidentially.

“The annual membership forms, which must be signed by parents or guardians, should be accompanied by a £3 annual membership fee”, explained Sarah Cockburn-Price, CYAG’s chairman. “This represents stupendous value, as our activities will be offered free, or at a heavily subsidised cost. Many thanks to all our CYAG supporters who have made this possible.”


Visit: www.cyag.org

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Press enquiries: Sarah Cockburn-Price 07791 412210.